Information about tree climbing training – Level A


After the training, the trainee is able to safely and effectively climb trees using rope access techniques.

The training will allow you to start working on trees and also to find applications in other areas where it is necessary to enter a tree such as ornithology, entomology, nature photography, beekeeping. this certificate is honored upon admission to the European Treeworker certification and tree removal course – Level B.


Instructors from the „Opolska Szkoła Arborystyki” are experienced arborists, rope access technicians and instructor of tree fall techniques.


Training program:

-health and safety rules

-selection and basic information about the equipment used in tree climbing

-rope access techniques in the tree climbing

-methods and techniques for working with cutting tools during the care of trees and shrubs

-introduction to mechanical reinforcement systems of trees

-procedures related to work on the tree (inspection, organization)

-knots used during tree climbing using rope access techniques.

-rope installation techniques

-tree entry techniques

-techniques of moving in the crown of the tree, and positioning techniques

-procedures and techniques of rescue from a tree

-the basis of rigging

Conditions of participation:

18 years old

risk-taking statement

signed contract for the provision of training services

advance payment of 50% of the total amount (in the transfer title, please provide the name of the training and the date)


Time and place of training:

The training includes 32 hours of training, including 8 hours of theoretical classes and 24 hours of practical classes. The program normally includes 3 or 4 training days depending on the arrangements with the training participants. The training takes place as standard in Wierzchy or according to individual arrangements.


Price of training:

The basic price of the training: 1350 PLN
The price may change depending on the number of participants.


The price of the training:

teaching materials; Jeff Jepson's handbook "TreeClimber's Guide" + supplement to the guide

Climbing equipment for the duration of training


Participant's own equipment:

a comfortable outfit, protecting the limbs - we recommend trekking pants made of elastic material with a small number of pockets and loops, rainwear, warm clothing for cooler seasons.

mandatory safety goggles (transparent glass or sun visor - depending on the weather)

gloves that do not restrict movements, ensure a good grip.

cap/ chimney/shawl - under the helmet

comfortable shoes (with the upper "above the ankle") - work or trekking.

in the warm seasons, something protective against mosquitoes

in cold seasons - warm clothing and shoes for a change. A thermos for something warm to drink

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